Real Life Library

Central Library, Meeting Rooms 301 & 302
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Back by popular demand!

Come join us at Madison Public Library Central on Saturday, September 16 for Volume 2 of Real Life Library.

Check out sessions between 10 am - 2 pm!

Real Life Library is based on the human libraries concept ( Some people are selected as “books” and trained to tell the story of their lived experience through a self-selected title.

Community members, "readers," are invited to the event where they can "check out" and "read" the “books” they are interested in, one "book" and a few "readers" engaging in an intimate group story-telling/listening session in the Reading Room.

Outside of the event, the story of each​ ​of​ ​the​ ​​books​​ ​will​​ ​be​ ​​video recorded.​ ​Thus,​ ​each​ ​event​ ​creates​ ​a​ ​digital​ ​​volume​​ ​of​ ​​books​ and a diverse digital library that is later accessible to a far wider audience.

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